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Startup coaching for entrepreneurs who are ready to build companies that will change the world.
You only get one life, so build something incredible with it.


We are startup coaches and strategists that believe in the potential of entrepreneurs. Every business will live or die on ideas.


It doesn't matter how much money you have to throw around or how little money you have start-up with, if you have a good idea, your startup stands a chance and as IDEA PEOPLE we will show you how to leverage your concepts.


One of the advantages that startups have is their ability to be felxible and quickly respond to change and redirect their efforts. We work with startups to make them capable of landing on their feet no matter the challeneges they encounter.


When you're boot strapping your startup, you need to use as many free resources as possible! We helpyou sifyt through all the options to find the best tools for your startup!

Our Awesome Services

At Spark Ideas Coaching we are passionate about ideas and we are always looking to help entrepreneurs develop their concepts and ideas through variousmeans including, coaching, startup competitions and advisory/mentorship services.

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Startup Competitions

Bataleur Advisory & Mentorship

Mentorship and Advisory

Who is behind The Spark Ideas Company?


Nicolette Chinomona


5 Years Experience
Masters of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship

Why the Focus on Ideas?

Every business will live or die on ideas. It doesn't matter how much money you have to throw around or how little money you have start-up with. If you don't have an idea or concept that can grab people in this Attention Economy, your business won't survive.

Entrepreneurs tends to have LOADS OF IDEAS, but sometimes they need to talk to someone about those ideas and get help developing them. That's where I step in, not only do I help your assess your startup idea, but I also help you develop the concept into a business model that you can start building a business on.

Finding Unicorns

Do You Have A Unicorn? What is your brilliant idea and is it magical enough to make a splash in our very innovative and fast paced world. The one thing that companies are struggling to do is to get noticed and to make people care about their products- but people are so distracted, it’s going to take more than just “good service” to make a mark.

The great companies built in our generation are going to be based on not just one great idea, but many good ideas.

How We Work

I take Entrepreneurs and Corporate Rebels (people who want to quit their jobs and start a business) through 8 weeks of coaching to refine their business idea/concept and answer the question "I have a business idea- but so what? What's so great about my idea? What about my business is going to make people stop in their tracks?"

We Want Rebels

Corporate Rebels who want to ditch the 9-5 and start their own business Entrepreneurs who want to develop new ideas and concepts

Ideal Clients

Are running a business that isn't making money and they are not sure if the problem is with the business model, themselves or the product.
Are ready to quit their jobs and start a company but feel like they need to develop their concept with the guidance of a coach with business expertise.
Are trying to come up with a startup idea that will blow the competition out of the water, but they don't think they are creative enough to develop exciting and innovative ideas.

Are You Ready To Build An Innovative Startup?

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We Are Good At

Helping Entrepreneus from any background to understand the dynamics of running an innovative startup.


Develop a idea concept you actually believe in, as well as low cost creative ideas for making your businesses stand out.

Entrepreneur Assessment

We help you identify and develop your strengths as an entrepreneur and learn to manage your weaknesses.

Innovation & Creativity Assessment

We assist you to clearly identify who you target customer is and how to build products and services that customer wants.

Competition Analysis

We help you clear Identify your local and international competitors and strategize on how to craft a business offering that can give you an edge.

Business Strategy

We help you develop a sound business strategy, so that you can create a concrete path to move your startup on now and in the future.

Avatar Discovery

We assist you to clearly identify who you target customer is and how to build products and services that customer wants.

Investor Pairing

Through our startup competitions and outside of the competitions, we endeavor to provide opportunities to pair startups with investors.

Business Advisory

We provide advisory services for startups in varied areas, ranging from ideation, all the way to business process planning.


We offer mentorship services for entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business. The mentorship is either done in-house, or we pair you up with an external mentor.

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