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Accreditation & Training

Please find below a full list of our in-company training courses. Each training is run ‘in-house’ at your company premises, anywhere in the Botswana, for three or more people. To improve relevance, our in-house courses include an element of tailoring to your business requirements, at no additional cost. In all cases, the training is run by a recognised member of Botswana Qualification Authority, experienced facilitator, with practical exercises to reinforce the learning.

Range of training courses we provide are below;
1. Building high performance team
2. Accounting and finance basic skill
3. Performance appraisal
4. Performance management
5. Leadership skills
6. Customer service
7. Communication skills


With understanding and respect for the law, we promote compliance. Therefore, we assist entities through the process of accreditations and compliance with the following bodies;

1. Course accreditation with Botswana Qualification Authority - BQA

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